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Austin Comedy Clubs

If you haven't checked out Austin's comedy scene in the last couple of years, it's time to give it another try. The talent is off the charts.

Romantic Things to Do in Austin

If you find yourselves in a boring routine, sometimes you’ve just got to indulge your impulsive side and try something completely different.

Best French Restaurants in Austin

If it's escargot, steak tartare or frog legs you desire, these French restaurants in Austin can satisfy those cravings and more.

My Brush with Madalyn Murray O'Hair

How one writer's brief encounter with atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair affected his religious beliefs.

Austin's Hippest Hotels

If you’re looking for more than a clean bathroom and a good bed, check out these uber-hip Austin accommodations.

Austin Neighborhood Roundup

Whether you’re a dead-broke musician or an investment banker, Austin has neighborhoods that will make you feel at home.

Best Tex-Mex in Austin

Despite Austin's exploding population of food snobs, there are still plenty of Tex-Mex restaurants that unabashedly crank out deliciously cheesy dishes.

Where to Buy the Best Cowboy Boots in Austin

Cowboy boots are the ultimate Texas fashion statement. Here are the top boot stores and boot makers in Austin.

Austin Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups

If you've lost a dog, found an animal, or simply want to help Austin pets, check out this roundup of shelters and rescue organizations.

Austin's Best Date-Night Restaurants

If you're planning a Valentine's date or any special occasion, these romantic restaurants in Austin will get the night started right.

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