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FM Radio Stations in the Austin Area


It's no surprise that Austin, the so-called "live music capital of the world," has a huge offering of FM radio stations. Whether you love hip-hop, classic rock, '80s music, or Christian songs, there is something on the airwaves you'll love. Use this list to learn about FM radio stations in Austin and the surrounding areas.

FM 88.1

Format: Contemporary Christian
Call letters: KNLE (The Candle)

FM 88.7

Format: Jazz/R&B/Gospel/Talk
Call letters: KAZI

FM 89.5

Format: Classical
Call letters: KMFA

FM 89.9

Format: College (Texas State – San Marcos)
Call letters: KTSW

FM 90.5

Format: NPR news, eclectic music (rock, Americana, blues, Brazilian, etc.)
Call letters: KUT

FM 91.3

Format: Easy listening/Classical
Call letters: KNCT

FM 91.7

Format: Community radio/college
Call letters: KOOP and KVRX
Note: This station is KOOP part-time and KVRX par-time. KOOP is the community station and KVRX is the University of Texas' college station.

FM 93.3

Format: Hip-hop
Call letters: KDHT (Hot 93.3)

FM 93.7

Format: Classic rock
Call letters: KLBJ

FM 94.7

Format: Mix of ‘80s, ‘90s, and modern
Call letters: KAMX (Mix 94.7)
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