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Events and Activities Around Austin

Get the lowdown on festivals, events, and things to do in Austin, including everything from local farmers markets to film festivals with celebrities.
  1. Annual Events (24)

First Thursday on South Congress Avenue
Learn about First Thursday, the monthly event that offers art, music, food and entertainment along South Congress Avenue.

January Events Calendar

Whether you love live music, plays or want to get a head start on your new year's resolution with a run or two, January 2011 offers many events to keep you busy.

July 4 Events Around Austin
Though some cities -- including Austin -- and counties canceled festivities and expanded the prohibition of fireworks, other cities decided that their July 4 shows will go on.

Free Events and Activities at South by Southwest 2011
Those without badges or wristbands for South by Southwest 2011 still have the option of participating in a variety of free events and activities that are open to the public.

Spend Summer 2011 Listening to Free Music Series in Austin
Austin is known for its live music, which locals and visitors get to enjoy for free during summer 2011.

Austin Fashion Brands Featured at South by Southwest 2011's Style X
Austin-based brands were front and center at Style X, part of the South by Southwest 2011 festival.

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