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All About Breakfast Tacos in Austin


Austin's a breakfast/brunch kind of town, and, really, nothing beats a breakfast taco in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or at night.

What Is a Breakfast Taco?

The humble breakfast taco involves a tortilla (corn, wheat or flour — though flour is the most popular) wrapped around a combination of ingredients such as eggs, potatoes, cheese, beans and meat (like fajita, bacon, breakfast sausage or chorizo, a spicy Mexican sausage). Other versions include nopalitos (cactus), machacado (shredded beef scrambled with egg) and migas (eggs scrambled with tortilla chips, onion and tomato). Breakfast tacos are served with salsa on the side.

Popular Appeal

The popularity of breakfast tacos in the city means you can get them just about anywhere in Austin (and Texas, for that matter). They're filling and cheap, with prices varying from 85 cents to about $6, depending on the number of ingredients and size. Generally, though, the prices are between about $1 and $2.50 per taco.

Top 7 Picks for Breakfast Tacos in Austin

Juan in a Million

Where: 2300 Cesar Chavez St.

The Eastside eatery, which is packed from open to close, is probably best known for the Don Juan, which is like the taco version of an open-face sandwich since the tortilla couldn't possibly fit around the mound of eggs, potato, bacon and cheese.

La Mexicana Bakery

Where: 1924 S. First St.

One great thing about the bakery, which is known for its pan dulce (Mexican pastries), is that you can buy a classic example of the breakfast taco 24 hours a day.

La Reyna Mexican Restaurant

Where: 1816 S. First St.

The eatery not far from downtown caters to a mostly Latino clientele so the salsa is spicy and the tacos arrive at the table steaming hot. The free tortilla chips (freshly fried) and salsa as an appetizer is a bonus.

Taco Xpress

Where: 2529 S. Lamar Blvd.

Expect a wait at the South Austin restaurant, where the breakfast tacos are grilled to order. The migas taco is a specialty.

Taquerias Arandas No. 5

Where: 2448 S. First St.

At the restaurant is known for its simple and tasty breakfast tacos, wash your meal down with horchata, a rice drink from Mexico.

Tamale House No. 3

Where: 5003 Airport Blvd.

You'll know the restaurant by the colorful mural on the side.You want tasty and cheap? How's 85 cents sound?


Where: Various locations

The devilish deliciousness is in the details, like the green-hot poblano and habanero Diablo salsas. One breakfast dish to try is the Monk Special (eggs, bacon, green chile and cheese).

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