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Food and Drink in Austin


As Austin grows into a larger and more sophisticated city, its food and drink offerings only get better. Best of all, the city continues to offer a huge variety of dining and drinking options. Whether you are pinching pennies or have no budget, and whether you dig cheap, hand-eaten Ethiopian food or $300-a-bottle wine, there is something for you in Austin.
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Inside Chez Zee American Bistro

Austin is paradise for foodies. The city is diverse and offers cuisine from nearly every culture, in addition to plenty of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly foods.


J. Black's Feelgood Lounge in downtown Austin

Austin is well known for its nightlife and bar scene. Sixth Street consists of row after row of bars, and Austin offers upcoming areas such as the 4th Street District. Whether you want to go to a dance club, music lounge, shot bar, or gay club, there is something in Austin you'll love.


Wine in Austin

With wine specialty shops, wine bars and everything in between, wine aficionados will not be bored in Austin!

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