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Transportation in Austin

Advice on transportation in Austin. Includes information on Austin's roads, bus system, airports, car services, bike paths, and transportation initiatives for the future.

Confusing Street Names in Austin
Many of Austin's roads have multiple names, which can making getting around extremely confusing for the uninitiated. This list will help you make sense of Austin street names.

Capital MetroRail
The 32-mile light rail system takes people from Leander, a North Austin suburb, to downtown Austin.

Austin Bergstrom International Airport
Learn how to get to Austin's airport, which airlines serve Austin, what your parking options are, air travel tips, and more.

Capital Metro Transit
Learn all about Austin's public bus system; how much fare costs, what the routes are, and when the driver strikes are happening.

Capital MetroRail
In March 2009, Capital Metro is debuting a 32-mile light rail that will take people from Leander, a North Austin suburb, to downtown Austin. Follow this link to learn about the plans and see a map of the line. This is just the start; there is talk of building other rail lines that will serve residents all across the city.

Commonly Mispronounced Place Names in Austin

With a number of names for streets and communities in the Austin area borrowed from other languages, there's bound to be confusion over their uniquely Central Texan pronunciations. Follow this guide to sound like a native while getting around the city.

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