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Confusing Street Names in Austin


Getting around Austin isn't always easy; most of the city's major roads have at least two names, making navigation confusing for those who are new to town. This list will help you make sense of Austin's many streets with multiple names.


  • MoPac Expressway (named after Missouri Pacific railroad) and Loop 1 are the same thing. Locals just call it “MoPac.”
  • Capital of Texas Highway is another name for Loop 360.
  • Highway 71 is also called Ben White Boulevard.
  • Research Boulevard is the same thing as Interstate 183. At one point, 183 is called Anderson Lane, and in another section, Ed Bluestein Boulevard.


  • When 290 comes into Austin from Houston and hits I-35, it turns into Ranch Road 2222 and runs west out to Lake Travis. On the way its name changes from to Allendale to Northland to Koenig.
  • Ranch Road 2244 is the same thing as Bee Cave Road (sometimes called Bee Caves Road).
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard is the same thing as 19th Street. Locals usually just call it “MLK.”
  • Enfield Road and 15th Street are the same road. When you exit for 15th Street at MoPac, only the name Enfield is used, so this one is important!
  • Windsor is the same thing as 24th Street. MoPac’s exit for 24th Street only says Windsor.
  • Cesar Chavez and 1st Street are the same road.
  • Dean Keaton Street is the same thing as 26th Street in the campus area, though as soon as it goes onto the east side of I-35, it turns into Manor Road.
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