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Landmarks and Attractions in and Around Austin

Learn about Austin's rich history and discover the city's popular landmarks and attractions.
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Free Things to Do in Austin
Austin is a busy and growing city with so much to offer. While there is so much to do here, much of it costs at least some money. If you are tired of paying for entrance fees and tickets for activities, read this list to learn about some of the most fun things you can do in Austin without spending a dime.

A Driving Tour of the University of Texas Area
Do you want to explore the University of Texas area but aren't sure where to start? This driving tour will guide you on the route you should take and the sites you should be sure to see.

Texas Governor's Mansion
Located in the heart of downtown just around the corner from the Capital building, the Texas Governor's Mansion is a beautiful Austin landmark. It was damaged by a fire in June 2008, but is currently being restored.

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