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Profile of Austin's Hyde Park Neighborhood


Profile of Austin's Hyde Park Neighborhood

A typical bungalow found in Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood


Populated with towering oak trees, quaint bungalows, and earthy residents, the historic Hyde Park neighborhood is a true Austin gem. Most Austin residents agree they would love to live here, if only they could afford it; in recent years, home prices have skyrocketed. Just north of the University of Texas campus, Hyde Park is located near the city center, but is slightly removed from the hustle and bustle.

The Location:

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association defines the neighborhood as stretching from 38th Street to 45th (north to south) and Guadalupe to Duval (east to west). It is only moments away from Interstate-35.


While Hyde Park is just minutes from campus, the area is far enough from the madness to have ample parking for vehicles. While it is a bit of a walk, it is possible to get to campus on foot from Hyde Park, though it will usually take at least 20 or 30 minutes. Campus shuttles (the IF line) and city buses regularly stop throughout the neighborhood.

The People of Hyde Park:

Hyde Park prides itself on being genuinely Austin. Its residents are commonly considered liberal, health-conscious and eco-friendly. There is a large student population due to the close proximity to campus, though the majority of the students here are upperclassmen. Hyde Park also houses many young families and singles. The area is wildly dog friendly.

There is a strong sense of community in Hyde Park. Every winter, the residents deck out their homes in outrageous amounts of Christmas lights. People from all over the city tour the neighborhood’s streets in hopes of catching a glimpse of the jaw-dropping display.

Outdoor Activities:

Residents commonly walk and run through the neighborhood, often with dogs. Shipe Park, right in the heart of Hyde Park, is a popular hangout for dog-loving locals. It has a small swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and large, open grassy areas. Hancock Golf Course, a public nine-hole golf course, also sits in Hyde Park. It was created in 1899, making it Texas' oldest golf course.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants:

Hyde Park loves its independent businesses. Quack's Bakery is a popular spot for coffee, sandwiches, and desserts. The inside tables are usually packed with students, and the outdoor tables are usually occupied by locals with their dogs. Other popular coffee shops in the area include Flightpath and Dolce Vita.

Mother's Cafe is a popular vegetarian eatery. Hyde Park Bar and Grill is another favorite, serving up famous French fries that are dipped in buttermilk and rolled in flour before fried. Fresh Plus, a small grocer and deli that specializes in health food, is another beloved food destination in the neighborhood.

Real Estate:

Hyde Park was built in the 1890 and some homes are designated as historic landmarks. Many of the bungalows were built in the 1920s and 1930s and have a lot of character.

Hyde Park has enjoyed a boom in the recent years. From 2001 to 2007, the median price of homes has risen by nearly $70,000. As of 2007, the median home price was $320,000. Even some of the one-bedroom homes are selling upward of $400,000.

Hyde Park is populated with numerous apartments and homes for rent. One-bedroom apartments start around $650, and homes can be rented starting around $1,200. However, some older apartments lack modern amenities.


Post office: 4300 Speedway
Zip code: 78751
Schools: Lee Elementary School, Kealing Junior High School, McCallum High School
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