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Neighborhoods in Austin


Austin is a very diverse city with residents of every demographic. Some of Austin's neighborhoods are historic and popular with singles and students, while others are newer communities filled with young families. Read on to learn about the various neighborhoods that come together to make Austin one of the most unique cities in the country.
  1. South Congress
  2. Central Austin Neighborhoods
  3. South Austin Neighborhoods
  4. Northwest Austin Neighborhoods
  5. University of Texas Campus Area

South Congress

South Congress Avenue and its surrounding areas is one of the oldest and most unique parts of Austin. Filled with independent restaurants, artsy boutiques, funky hotels and a live music club, SoCo offers the true Austin experience.

Central Austin Neighborhoods

Learn about the unique and historic neighborhoods that make up Central Austin.

South Austin Neighborhoods

Learn about the affordable and family-friendly neighborhoods in South Austin.

Northwest Austin Neighborhoods

Learn about the neighborhoods that reside in the beautiful area of Northwest Austin.

University of Texas Campus Area

University of Texas tower

The University of Texas is the lifeblood of Austin. Located in the center of town, it draws thousands of brilliant minds from across the country, houses some of the best college sports teams in the nation, and has an incredible party scene.

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