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Newcomers Guide

For those new to Austin, learn about what you need to rent an apartment, find a job, get a driver's license and register a vehicle.

Austin Average Monthly Temperatures
Find out Austin's average monthly temperatures and get an overall summary of what type of weather to expect in central Texas.

Allergy Seasons in Austin
While most cities have only one allergy season, Austin has four, thanks to its warm climate and an abundance of sneeze-inducing plants and trees.

Austin Sales Tax Rates
Austin's sales tax laws include several business-specific exceptions, exemptions and mind-boggling complexities.

City of Austin Utilities
The city-owned utility handles electricity, water/wastewater and trash pickup services.

Texas Gas Service
Texas Gas Service is the primary supplier of natural gas for residences in Austin.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
If you're new to Texas, you'll need to register your car or truck with the DMV.

Get a Texas Driver's License
Driver's licenses in Texas are issued through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

What Is Cedar Fever?
From December to February, cedar fever, the scourge of many Austin-area allergy sufferers, makes its irritating presence known.

Commonly Mispronounced Place Names in Austin

With a number of names for streets and communities in the Austin area borrowed from other languages, there's bound to be confusion over their uniquely Central Texan pronunciations. Follow this guide to sound like a native.

Moving to Austin: The Cost of Living
Are you considering moving to Austin, Texas? Learn about the cost of living in Austin.

What I Found Growing Under my Toilet
What to do when you find a tangle of tree roots growing into your sewer line.

Crazy Ants vs. Fire Ants
UT researchers have discovered that crazy ants bring a powerful weapon to their battle for domination over fire ants in Texas.

Eastern Screech Owl Photo Gallery
The eastern screech owl is Austin's smallest and most common owl.

Nontoxic Ways to Kill Poison Ivy
How to use inexpensive, non-poisonous household items -- or goats -- to get rid of poison ivy in Austin.

Owls of Austin
Austin owls range from the adorable screech to the mighty great horned owl.

Easy Plants to Grow in Austin
Drought-tolerant, attractive plants that are easy to keep alive in the Austin heat.

Austin's Perennial Issues
If you're new to Austin, here's a quick roundup of the major issues and cultural tensions that never quite go away.

Austin Wildlife
The abundant green space in and around Austin is chock full of deer, snakes, raccoons, possums and a few more flamboyant critters such as green monk parakeets.

Are There Killer Bees in Austin?
Africanized bees, also called killer bees, have steadily migrated from South America all the way to central Texas, but attacks remain rare.

Austin Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups
If you've lost a pet, found an animal, or simply want to help Austin wildlife, check out this roundup of shelters and rescue groups.

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