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Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Austin

Where to find incredible food with an intimate atmosphere


When it comes to Valentine's Day or another special occasion, not just any restaurant will do. You need to find an eatery with both an excellent food and drink menu in addition to a special romantic ambiance. Read on to learn about the 10 most romantic restaurants in Austin. Don't forget to make reservations well ahead of time if you're planning to go on Valentine's Day!

1. Romeo's

Young people enjoying lunch at a restaurant
Kathrin Ziegler/Digital Vision/Getty Images
1500 Barton Springs Road

This Italian eatery in the Barton Springs area is a little kitschy, but completely romantic and charming. With a name like Romeo’s, how can it not be? In fact, it has been voted the most romantic restaurant in Austin by several publications and websites. There is live piano music every night and an outdoor patio with candles on the tables. There is a huge selection of drinks and Italian dishes, all reasonably priced. Come sip on wine and share a plate of spaghetti while enjoying the romantic and colorful atmosphere.

2. Driskill Grill

604 Brazos Street

This elegant five-star restaurant is one of Austin’s finest dining establishments. Located in the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown, the gorgeous dining room has a classic and historical feel. The service is known to be top-notch and the food is incredible and always changing. There are several tasting menus if you aren’t sure where to start. If you want to get dressed up and indulge in some truly out-of-this-world cuisine, reserve a table with your honey at the Driskill.

3. Chez Zee

Inside Chez Zee American Bistro
Emily Starbuck Gerson
5406 Balcones Drive

This American bistro with award-winning desserts is easily one of the most romantic restaurants in Austin. The lights are dim and the restaurant is decorated with Christmas lights and paper lantern, giving the room a soft glow. The drink menu is extensive (with favorites such as frozen mojitos and frozen Bellinis) and the eclectic menu is delicious. There is always piano music, often live. The cute patio has heat lamps and games such as Connect 4, making it a fun and cozy place to dine when it’s chilly out.

4. Jeffreys of Austin

1204 West Lynn Street

If you enjoy innovative food, you’ll fall in love with Jeffreys of Austin. This eatery has been in Clarksville for 30 years and has received many accolades for its wildly creative dishes and extensive wine list. One of the most popular dishes is the crispy oysters appetizer, and the desserts are to die for. The dim interior, classy atmosphere, and decadent food make for a very romantic dining experience.

5. Hudson's on the Bend

3509 Ranch Road 620 North

With incredibly fresh and unique dishes, a gorgeous hill country view, an on-site herb garden, and a nearly endless wine list, a romantic evening is guaranteed at Hudson’s on the Bend. The seasonal menu offers eclectic dishes with rich flavors and lots of game, including grilled venison chops, wild boar, chicken-fried antelope, and seared elk loin. They offer special six-course dinner for Valentine’s Day in addition to cooking classes that you can take with your partner.

6. Chez Nous

510 Neches Street

If you’re in the mood for a rich French meal, come to Chez Nous, which has been a beloved romantic restaurant in Austin since 1982. The cozy, intimate bistro much like those found in Europe has class but is not pretentious, and you can either dress up or dress down. The prix fixe menu is perfect if you want to sample a little of everything. Come here to enjoy decadent French food, fine wine, and a romantic evening with your loved one.

7. Uchi

801 South Lamar Boulevard

Uchi is the place to be for a romantic Asian meal. The creative dishes crafted by Chef Tyson Cole are a mix of traditional sushi and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Uchi is located in a refurbished home, giving the restaurant a very intimate feel. There is such an emphasis on fresh food that seafood is flown in fresh daily from a seafood market in Tokyo. If raw food freaks you out, don’t worry; there are plenty of cooked items on the menu.


2905 San Gabriel Street

This “modern Mediterranean” restaurant, lounge and bar is decorated in chic, contemporary (yet comfortable) furniture. It is on the second story of a building and on a corner, so the covered outdoor patio and lounge has a wonderful, airy feeling. The flavors of the cuisine are a combination of Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, and more. The menu is small but the dishes are all great for sharing. The fried goat cheese with jam and honey is fantastic. FINO offers a reservations-only, three-course dinner for Valentine’s Day.

9. The Melting Pot

13343 Research Blvd. & 305 East 3rd Street

This romantic restaurant has two locations in Austin; one downtown and one in the northwest part of town. It’s a great spot for dinner or even just dessert. All of the food is cooked fondue-style on the table by the diners. For a fancy meal, order the Big Night Out, which is a three-course fondue menu for two. It comes with a blue cheese cheddar fondue appetizer, a salad, a selection of meats and seafood, and cherries you can dip in dark chocolate fondue for dessert. How can it get more romantic than serving each other fresh-dipped chocolate fruit?

10. Fonda San Miguel

330 W. North Loop Boulevard

This colorful and festive restaurant has been around since 1975 and serves authentic Mexican cuisine. The patio is decorated in beautiful tropical plants and the restaurant is covered in gorgeous Mexican artwork. The Sunday brunch buffet is especially popular, and consists of banquet tables covered in Mexican pottery, flowers, fresh fruits, and a large variety of Mexican food. This festive restaurant is great for a fun date night.

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