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The Veloway Bike Trail in Austin


The Veloway bike trail in Austin

The Veloway bike trail

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The Veloway:

Do you love to take nice, long bike rides but hate navigating through busy and noisy streets? The Veloway is a unique and secluded trail that is used exclusively for rollerblading and biking.

Where Is the Veloway? :

The Veloway is located in Slaughter Creek Metropolitan Park (4900 La Crosse Ave Austin, TX 78739). You can access the Veloway trail from MoPac Expressway from Bowie High School (outside of school hours) or nearly a mile south of Slaughter Lane. The Veloway is in a peaceful and secluded area, so you won't be bothered by street noise. To see the full route, view the city map of the Veloway.

How Big Is It?:

The Veloway sprawls across more than 100 acres of the park. The trail itself is a loop of 3.17 miles of paved ashphalt and it spans 23 feet wide.

Who Is It For?:

Walkers, runners, hikers and motorized traffic are prohibited on the Veloway. It is intended for bicyclists and rollerbladers only. Riding goes one-way (clockwise) so you don't collide with other riders. There are several sports clubs you can join that use the Veloway, such as the Hill Country Inline Club.

When Is It Open?:

The Veloway is open every day from dawn until dusk. It is closed only a few days a year for private events.

What Are the Rules?:

According to the city of Austin, these rules are enforced at the Veloway:
-Riding at night is prohibited
-Fast riders need to stay to the left of the center line, and slower riders should stay on the right
-Stay on the paved path and don't remove any plants, rocks or other natural features from the Veloway
-Helmets are required to be worn by City Ordinance
-Follow the one-way direction (clockwise)
-Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not allowed at the Veloway
-Cross-Country cycling is prohibited

Other Veloway Tips:

While there is a water fountain at the Veloway, be sure to bring your own water bottle in case it isn't working or in case it's too warm. If you need to report vandalism at the Veloway, call 911 and request Park Police. If you need to report unsafe conditions at the Veloway or items in need of repair, call 311.
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