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Airport Parking at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport


There are many different airport parking options at the Austin airport. Whether you are on a tight budget or can spend freely, there is an option for you. All lots offer handicapped parking, and the shuttle buses have wheelchair lifts. If you are on your way to the Austin-Bergstrom Airport, you can call (512) 530-3300 for real-time parking availability (in addition to other airport information) 24 hours a day. You can also view parking availability online in real time.

The most convenient option you have for Austin airport parking is valet, though it is also the most expensive. To use the valet service, pull your vehicle up to the airport terminal's upper level curb and leave your car with the attendant. This option for airport parking costs $24 per day, including tax.

Airport Parking Garage
The next most convenient option is leaving your vehicle in the Airport Parking Garage. It is located directly across from the terminal, so you can walk right in after parking; you don't have to take a shuttle. The Airport Parking Garage costs $20 per day, including tax, making it the second most expensive option.

Close In Lot A
If the valet or Airport Parking Garage are too pricey for your taste, Close In Lot A is less expensive and the next-closest option to the terminal. Unlike valet or the Airport Parking Garage, Lot A is uncovered surface parking. It’s a very short walk to the terminal from Lot A, though courtesy vans are available to take you to the terminal if needed. If you keep your car here while traveling, it will cost you $10 a day, including tax.

Economy airport parking lots
The Austin airport offers thousands of uncovered surface parking spots. Airport parking lots B through F are further from the terminal, but there are free shuttles that run continuously around the clock, seven days a week. They pick up travelers at the covered shuttle stops sprinkled throughout the lots and they run on clean burning natural gas. Note that for some of the further out lots, such as F, you will definitely want to ride the shuttle bus. But some of the economy lots are closer to the terminal, such as B, and you can easily walk if you choose (I usually walk from the economy lots to the terminal to get some exercise before sitting on a plane for several hours!).

Free airport parking
Complimentary parking is offered in the Austin airport parking lots and garage to vehicles with Disabled Veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor, Former Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbor Survivor, and Purple Heart Recipient license plates.

Parking when picking up passengers
If you need to pick up a passenger from the airport, you are not allowed to park outside the terminal; you must circle around the entire airport. Instead of doing this, you can park in the Airport Parking Garage or the close lot A (those are the only two airport parking areas that offer hourly rates); it is free for the first 30 minutes and prevents you from having to endlessly circle around and waste gas.

Airport parking services
The Austin airport offers several free services for travelers. Courtesy phones are available in the shuttle stops to request any of these services. They include:

* Assistance locating lost vehicles
* Complimentary jump starts for dead cars
* Complimentary tire inflation
* Emergency fuel for disabled or stranded vehicles (in parking area) and/or transport to fuel station

Off-site airport parking
There are several off-site parking facilities near the Austin airport, such as The Parking Spot. These businesses allow you to drop off your car there, and they take you to the terminal in a free shuttle bus. While these airport parking facilities are located outside of the airport and require a short bus ride, they are usually several dollars cheaper per day than official airport parking, making them very economical if you have to leave your car there for an extended period. Just make sure to leave for the airport earlier than normal in case you have to wait for a shuttle bus.

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