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Best Destinations for Texas Vacations


Tubing in New Braunfels

Tubing is a popular activity along New Braunfels' rivers.

Because of the state’s rich culture and history, diverse landscape and plentiful attractions, Texas vacations are extremely popular. Perhaps you already have a city in mind, or maybe you don’t yet know your destination but want to enjoy a water park or visit historical attractions. Read on to learn about the many exciting travel destinations waiting for you in Texas.

Destinations by Attraction

Top Texas Water Parks
It’s hard to escape the heat on Texas vacations in the summer. The best way to do it is to go to water parks, where you can play and soak in cool water. They are family friendly and tons of fun. Water parks are available everywhere from New Braunfels to Galveston.

Best Texas Theme Parks
Cities like San Antonio and Corpus Christi are popular destinations for Texas vacations, partly due to their family-friendly theme parks. If you want to see whales do tricks or ride roller coasters, read this list of the best theme parks available for Texas vacations.

Must-See Historical Texas Attractions
From the State Capitol to the site where Texas gained its independence in a battle, the Lone Star State is full of historical attractions that make Texas vacations both educational and exciting. The Alamo in San Antonio is one of the most popular historical attractions in Texas and is only a short drive from Austin.

Most Popular Texas Festivals
Do you want to enjoy a traditional Mexican festival near the border in Brownsville? Have you always wanted to visit the State Fair in Dallas? Each year, Texas offers dozens of popular festivals, which range from celebrating Czech culture to strawberries. Texas vacations will be made even more fun by visiting one of the festivals on this list.

Texas Swimming Holes
Texas vacations are not complete without a visit to an authentic swimming hole. Several are in Austin, including Barton Springs and Hamilton Pool, while others can be found across the state of Texas. There are others across the state that offer the experience of swimming in a natural body of water.

Destinations by City

Corpus Christi, Texas
Popular for Texas vacations due to its location on the Texas Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi offers travelers many exciting attractions. A World War II-era ship is housed here and now serves as a museum, and the city also features the Texas State Aquarium. Downtown Corpus Christi offers many cute shops and restaurants, and the beaches are prime for swimming and sunbathing.

Dallas, Texas
As the home of the Texas State Fair and the Dallas Cowboys, this sprawling city is full of attractions for Texas vacations. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in downtown Dallas, and there is a museum dedicated to the president and this tragic event. This large city has a great nightlife along with plenty of fine dining and shopping.

El Paso, Texas
El Paso is a wonderful spot for Texas vacations if you want to experience the unique West Texas culture. The city is a border town with Mexico's Ciudad Juarez. With a top-notch zoo, several museums and a theme park, El Paso offers a fun vacation with a very different landscape than Austin.

Fredericksburg, Texas
Only 70 miles from Austin, this charming town is fantastic for a weekend getaway. It features rich German history, wineries, delicious peaches, and in the spring, gorgeous wildflowers. The town also has an impressive World War II museum. Texas vacations will always be better with a stop in Fredericksburg.

Houston, Texas
As the largest city in Texas, Houston has endless amounts of attractions. It offers incredible and diverse cuisine, a rich arts scene, fantastic shopping, an enormous zoo and world-class museums. The Johnson Space Center just outside of Houston is hugely popular attraction. Houston is perfect for those desiring Texas vacations in an exciting urban environment.

Galveston, Texas
This coastal town really offers something for everybody. There is fishing, fine dining, shopping, historic Victorian homes, acclaimed theater, plentiful museums, surfing, sunbathing, the infamous Moody Gardens and more. The city is popular for Texas vacations during spring break and the summer, especially for nearby Houstonians.

Kerrville, Texas
Kerrville is a small town often overlooked for typical Texas vacations, but it has plenty to offer. Kerrville features rolling hills, a pedestrian-friendly downtown and water activities along the Guadalupe River. There are several art galleries and museums in addition to tasty restaurants.

Marfa, Texas
This tiny West Texas town is not traditionally thought of as the go-to place for Texas vacations. However, it offers several unusual attractions that bring visitors from across the country. The city frequently experiences mysterious and unexplained lights that are celebrated by the annual Marfa Lights Festival. It also has a growing arts community and is well known for an art installation in the form of a tiny Prada store in the middle of the desert.

San Antonio, Texas
Only 80 miles from Austin, San Antonio is a fantastic travel destination. It is popular for Texas vacations because it is home to the Alamo, the Riverwalk, Seaworld, Fiesta Texas and more Mexican food than you could ever hope for.

South Padre Island, Texas
South Padre Island is a hotspot for Texas vacations, and is especially popular with Texans during spring break. South Padre Island is a popular destination in every season and offers nature, wildlife, and an excellent party scene.

10 Most Unique Small Texas Towns
You may not have heard of these little cities, but they offer something very different than Texas vacations in large, well-known destinations. With quaint beds and breakfasts, wineries, great shopping and tons of Texas history, these small towns make for a fun and relaxing vacation.

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