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Take a Day Trip to New Braunfels


Tubing in New Braunfels

Tubing is a popular activity along New Braunfels' rivers.

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New Braunfels is a small and charming Central Texas town situated between San Antonio and Austin. It offers activities and attractions for water lovers, wine lovers, and those who want to explore unique Texan German culture.


New Braunfels is located within the San Antonio Metropolitan Area and its territory is just over 29 square miles. The city is 45 miles southwest of Austin; you can take I-35 southbound the entire way.


New Braunfels was established in 1845 by a German prince, who named the city after his hometown, Braunfels. The prince formed an organization to encourage Germans to move to Texas in search of better economic opportunities and more freedom, including land ownership, and German immigrants began settling in New Braunfels in waves. The city still has a strong German heritage, with plenty of German food, festivals, and flavor.


New Braunfels is a small town that’s growing fast. In 2000, the census indicated that there were just over 36,000, but by the 2007 census, there were nearly 52,000. It’s large enough to have plenty of amenities and things to do, but tiny enough to have small-town flavor.


Every November on the Friday before the first Monday of the month, New Braunfels celebrates its German heritage with the 10-day Wurstfest. People from all across the state visit here to enjoy delicious food, live music, a regatta, old time melodramas, and lots of German sausage!

New Braunfels for Water Lovers:

The city’s cold-spring rivers are also a popular attraction for water lovers. You can tube down the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers or go fishing and canoeing.

The popular Schlitterbahn Waterpark is also a major reason people come to New Braunfels. While the slides and tide pools are fun in the summer, Schlitterbahn also provides winter activities, such as ice skating and a sled run.

The Texas Ski Ranch is another great place for people who love the water. The 70-acre action sports complex offers wakeboarding, wakeskating, skateboarding, and motocross racing.

Texas Wine:

New Braunfels is also a treat for wine lovers. The Dry Comal Creek Vineyards and Winery has been around since 1998 and makes Texas-style wines. They produce award-winning specialty wine with Black Spanish grapes and produce 8,000 cases a year, with plans to expand to 12,000. The winery also offers casual tastings and a series courses that can help you better understand and appreciate wine.
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